Accounting audit

From business audits to develop plans of action: audit and advice to professionals.



Our services include: 

- Mediation and counseling Buy / Sell Houses, 
Real Estate, Apartments, Chalets and Solares. 
- Evaluations and appraisals of real estate. 
- Notes and Bonds Urbanísticas registry. 
- Mortgage Management. 


Contact person: 
Bartolome Nadal Castañer 

BME Castañer S.L.

Provides quality advice based on experience: better know the philosophy of our company and find out how we can help..

BME CASTAÑER S.L.   C/ San Miguel,75  07002 Palma de Mallorca  Tel.: 971 710 340  Telefax: 971 710 340  Email: bc@bmecastañ