About us

Quality advice based on experience. 

It is a company based in Palma de Mallorca and made up of professionals whose experience is your best bet. Our advanced and constantly updated knowledge allows us to provide all kinds of services focused on meeting their tax obligations and financial services. Our customers represent a wide range of different sectors. Our philosophy has been based for years in the quality, experience, commitment and confidence of our customers to ensure the success of a team. 


While the current name is newly created, the fact is that is the heritage of the company founded by my Father ORGANIZATION CASTAÑER was called. 
Today we have a team of ten people consisting of commercial graduates, estate managers, lawyers and insurance brokers. In addition to collaborating with other law professionals and technicians in various fields to help us solve any contingency that may arise. For all this our ultimate goal no doubt is to give the customer the best service.


BME Castañer S.L.

Provides quality advice based on experience: better know the philosophy of our company and find out how we can help..

BME CASTAÑER S.L.   C/ San Miguel,75  07002 Palma de Mallorca  Tel.: 971 710 340  Telefax: 971 710 340  Email: bc@bmecastañer.es