Farm administration

We carry out all necessary steps for the establishment and administration of estates



Holiday homes and shops. 
Consulting rentals (LAU). 
Taxation of rents. 
Drafting leases and / or transfer of property. 
Rental management, including: 

- Advertisements in the media. 
- Selection of tenants. 
- Revision of leases and extensions of contracts. 
- Collection management and settlement with owners. 
- Inventorying furniture and furnishings for rental housing.


 High of Real estates Territorial Cadastral Management. 
Change of ownership tax receipts (IBI). 
Obtaining and renewing certificates of occupancy of homes and shops. 
Processing of deeds, mortgages and canceling ... 
Swaps, declarations of new work, horizontal division, etc ... 
Registration scriptures Purchase / Sale, Mortgages, etc ... in property registers.


Administration and management for the homeowners, including: 

- Establishment of the Community 
- Preparation of statutes and internal rules. 
- Legalization Book of Acts, as well as obtaining identification CIF community. 
- Accounting, collection and payment of the Community. 
- Call and assistance to neighboring joints. 
- Advice on technical and legal matters. 
- Maintenance and control of the common parts of the building. 

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